Glyn Davies
Special Representative for North Korea Policy
Incheon, South Korea
May 21, 2012

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: It is terrific to be back in Seoul for the second trilateral consultation between the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. We will discuss North Korea and also other regional issues. What is important, I think, to note, is that we are in a period now with North Korea of potential provocation. So it is very important that we consult, talk about the situation, and make sure that our thinking is perfectly lined up as we go forward. Thanks very much.

Any questions?

QUESTION: How do see the results of the Japan-South Korea-China Summit with joint statement doesn’t even discuss North Korea?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Well, I think what was important about that meeting is that it was a good long conversation, as I understand it, about the North Korean issue and a fair amount of meeting of the minds among the three countries. So I think the consultation itself was very important.

Thank you, thanks very much, I appreciate that.