Office of Civil Rights
May 1, 2012

Date: 05/01/2012 Description: Asian-American and Pacific Islander Month 2012: Mohammad Saifullah - State Dept Image Mohammad Saifullah was born and raised in Bangladesh. In 1977, he came to America as an immigrant and took advantage of the freedom and opportunity this country offered. In 1989, Mohammad joined the computer specialist internship program in the U.S. Civil Service. Three years later, he graduated from the internship program and worked at the Department of Army. Mohammad became interested in the U.S. Foreign Service and found it more challenging as well as rewarding. He took the FS test, passed, and has been working as Foreign Service specialist since 1997.

The Department of State is a diverse work place. Since Secretary Clinton has taken office, she has become a strong advocate and supports the policy towards diversity and equality. Mohammad Saifullah founded the South Asian-American Employee Association (SAAEA) with guidance from the Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR). As the chair of SAAEA, Mohammad believes and promotes diversity in workplace which includes organizing in cultural events, encouraging mentorship, recruitment and continues outreach to the youth community for internship programs in the government specifically in the State Department. The SAAEA group is connected and intensely engaged with other affinity organizations that promote diversity.

Mohammad enjoys working with people from many cultures and encourages you to join SAAEA to help us succeed with our mission.