• Consult with your transportation counselor about the timing of shipping your car to your new post. You may want to ship the vehicle early for an earlier arrival at your next post, or you may need your vehicle up until the day before you hop on the plane. Your transportation counselor will do the necessary paperwork to initiate the process.

  • Arrange with the U.S. Dispatch Agent (DA) the date for pick up and where the vehicle is located. Someone must be present when the vehicle is picked up to sign paperwork. The DA will select a drive-away firm to drive your car to the port of Baltimore. Remove any loose equipment (extra tires, tools, child car seats, contents in the glove compartment) for shipment in the household effects.

  • Do not plan to manage your pack-out alone. Enlist the help of family members or friends. Movers will want to pack in multiple rooms at one time. It is best to have one person in each room watching the movers and available to answer questions.

  • Read Chapter 11 Packing To Go in the Foreign Service Assignment Notebook: What Do I Do Now?.

  • Decide which items will be packed in your suitcase, sent by air, shipped or placed in storage. Pack your suitcases before the movers arrive and place them in an empty locked closet or at a neighbor's house. Make sure to include all passports, airline tickets, and other important documents so that they do not accidentally end up in the wrong place -- one of the most common and easy-to-avoid moving day "disasters." Place car keys in a safe place. If you are hand carrying children's school records and/or employment records, put those with your luggage as well.

  • Plan unaccompanied air freight items that will meet your family's needs for the next few months, since your surface shipment could take two to five months to arrive. Verify whether post will offer a "Welcome Kit" in the interim. See Prepare Luggage for related information.

  • Arrange with your assigned moving company for the packing of your air freight. Ask if the movers provide waterproof cartons. Request that the packers bring a scale so that you will know when your weight limit is reached, since exceeding the air allowance is costly. When your unaccompanied air freight shipment is picked up, be sure to get a receipt from the air carrier or the agent.

  • Arrange with your assigned moving company for the packing of your household effects (HHE) and storage items.

  • Advise the Transportation Office of your travel plans and contact information, specifically a telephone number and/or address where you can be reached prior to or en route to your destination.

  • Check with the Transportation Office before you leave town to ensure that your shipment is not overweight. If the shipment is overweight, ask about overweight charges. Your effects will NOT be shipped until you pay the additional cost or remove items to bring your shipment within the allowed weight.

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