October 28, 2011

A public meeting of the Study Group on Online Dispute Resolution was held under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on Private International Law on October 28, 2011, at the State Department, Office of Private International Law, South Building, 23rd and C Streets, N.W., Washington, DC. The meeting was chaired by a representative of the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Private International Law.

The meeting was convened to discuss work in UNCITRAL on the development of online dispute resolution (ODR) legal instruments for resolving both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) cross-border e-commerce disputes, in anticipation of a third meeting of the UNCITRAL Working Group on online dispute resolution scheduled to take place in Vienna, November 14-18. The Working Group was established by the Commission in July 2010 pursuant to a U.S. proposal. The UNCITRAL Working Group is preparing generic ODR procedural rules applicable to low value, high volume cross-border e-commerce transactions as well as annexes on guidelines and minimum requirements for ODR providers and arbitrators, substantive legal principles for resolving disputes, and a cross-border enforcement mechanism.

The Study Group reviewed the proposed draft UNCITRAL generic ODR procedural rules.

No matter was resolved. No report was approved. The Study Group will meet again January 20.