• Apply for your family's passports. Applications can be filled out and signed in the Employee Services Center, Passport Office, Room 1252, Department of State. You must present your travel orders. First-time applicants must also present proof of U.S. citizenship (certified copy of birth certificate or naturalization papers). For renewal, a former U.S. passport is sufficient.

  • Plan to have passports made for each child. Children should have individual passports in the event a parent or parents must make an emergency trip home alone. If a child is on the parent's passport, neither the parent nor the child can travel outside the country of assignment independently.

  • You can have your passport photographs taken in Room B266 of the Employee Services Center. Ask for additional copies and the negatives for each family member. These photos will be needed for obtaining visas or identification cards while you are abroad.

  • The Passport Office, Employee Services Center, can assist you in arranging for visas for countries you will transit as well as for the country of destination. This should be done as early as possible, since it may take a long time to get visas for some countries.

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