Photos: Travel to Athens for 2012 Hours Against Hate Campaign

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Special Envoy Rosenthal travelled with Special Representative Pandith to England, Greece, and Albania from March 5-9, 2012, to share their 2012 Hours Against Hate campaign with government ministries, mayors, and civil society.

S/E Rosenthal and S/R Pandith visited Athens from March 6-8 with their 2012 Hours Against Hate campaign. They met with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Justice. They were interviewed for a web chat by Mosaiko, which is a website dedicated to sharing Greek and American cultures, and the Greek daily Kathimerini. They also met with representatives of the immigrant and religious communities of Athens and a group of students studying international relations. Following a meeting with the Hellenic Olympic Committee and Olympic Truce, they were granted permission to use the Olympic Truce logo for the 2012 Hours Against Hate campaign. S/E Rosenthal and S/R Pandith found great receptivity on the part of their Greek government and great interest from civil society in the initiative.