For those in the Washington, DC area, the Transition Center Training division offers a number of courses related to employment skills and options. In the three courses noted below, instructors investigate and highlight employment issues and options overseas as well as provide information and guidance on pertinent regulations, the job search process, resume writing, interviewing and networking.

The Family Liaison Office (FLO) is the primary point of contact for family member employment overseas. FLO's employment team advises family members on employment options in countries around the world. Visit their employment page for detailed information on their programs and services and specifically, download their Checklist for Overseas Employment (PDF). FLO also works to expand the number of bilateral work agreements and de facto work arrangements between the United States and other countries, enabling family members to work on the local economy overseas. FLO coordinates functional training for Foreign Service family members, maintains information on training options, and provides leadership in new programs for home-based businesses and telework. Contact a FLO employment team member for more information.

Family Member Employment Reports (FAMER) are located on the DOS intranet and provide post-by-post listings of jobs held by family members. Eligible Family Members (family members of U.S. Government employees assigned to embassies or consulates overseas) may request these reports by e-mail.

Ask if there is a Global Employment Advisor (GEA) providing employment services to family members at posts you are considering.

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