Joseph Biden, U.S. Vice President
Istanbul, Turkey
December 3, 2011

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Despite these difficult economic times, when I look out at the talent assembled here in this great hall, I’m optimistic. And I really mean this, I am optimistic about the future more than I have ever been in my entire 39-year career. The spirit and the drive that brought all of you here today are the engines that will help build a better tomorrow for our families, for your families, for our neighbors, for your fellow citizens.

...the reason for my optimism is you -- you entrepreneurs. You’re the ones that have your hand on the wheel. And you have a chance like no other generation of entrepreneurs to direct the world, to steer it, to bend the curve in the direction of progress, openness, humanity.

So we’re relying on you more than just for your business acumen. We’re relying on you for your passion and your understanding that only through a free exchange of ideas, the ability to think different, can the world be made better. God bless you all. (Applause.)