Gary Locke
Ambassador to China
Shanghai, China
March 19, 2012

Reuters Soundbite

AMBASSADOR LOCKE: The United States does not fear China's growth. It sees China's growth as opportunities. And while some of my Chinese friends have cast America's deepening engagement in the Asia Pacific in competitive terms, President Obama does not subscribe to such a view.

AMBASSADOR LOCKE: I believe we need to turn our focus toward strengthening bilateral collaboration at all levels to produce tangible benefits for the people of both our countries, in jobs, prosperity and security. Rhetoric alone will not sustain growth in this relationship.

AMBASSADOR LOCKE: It's in our mutual economic and strategic interest to have greater collaboration; greater understanding of the intentions, desires and objectives of each side, so that there never can be miscalculations or misunderstandings.

AMBASSADOR LOCKE: So, yes, the standard of living for the people of China has improved dramatically, but that's not how we in the United States define human rights. That's part of it. But we also look at what we consider universal values of human rights, values that even China has enshrined in its own constitution and its own laws.