Glyn Davies
Special Representative for North Korea Policy
Gimpo Airport, Seoul, South Korea
February 25, 2012

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Let me just say what a pleasure it is to be back in Seoul. I wanted to come to the Republic of Korea directly from Beijing in order to consult with our colleagues in the ROK Government; discuss the results of our meetings in Beijing with the DPRK delegation; and talk about the way forward. I will have an opportunity to meet with my counterpart Special Representative Ambassador Lim Sung-nam, and I will go to the Blue House where I will meet with National Security Advisor Kim Tae-ho. I will be here for about a day. I look forward to saying something in a little more detail when I am at the Foreign Ministry today. So, thank you very much, it is wonderful to be here. Thank you.

QUESTION: Can you tell me more about leaders’ program? What is your progress?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: No, I am not -- I first must discuss the results of our visit with our colleagues from the Government of the Republic of Korea before I negotiate with anyone through the press. I am sorry I don’t have any other comment to make, but thank you very much, I appreciate that. Thank you.