Glyn Davies
Special Representative for North Korea Policy
Westin Chaoyang Hotel
Beijing, China
February 23, 2012

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Hello everybody. Good evening. Sorry I'm a little bit late. My late arrival goes to the fact that we are a little bit in overtime in our discussions with the North Koreans. In fact, they haven't quite concluded. And we intend to pick up where we have left off this evening tomorrow. And I don't yet have a time and a place to indicate to you. This evening we will have an occasion to have dinner with the North Koreans, and I think we will work out some of the details about tomorrow. But, with apologies to all of you because I know you have waited and you are looking for news and something specific. I don't have anything yet to provide because we are still in kind of mid-negotiation, mid-talks with the North Koreans.

So that's that. What I'll do though, tomorrow, once we wrap up, and I do expect that we will wrap up tomorrow, is I will make myself available and try to tell you a little bit more and answer your questions. So, there you have it. There’s really not much more I can say and I look forward to talking with you again tomorrow. So, thanks very much. Appreciate that.

QUESTION: How would you characterize the talks today, then?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: No, that's a good point. The talks today were substantive and serious, and we covered quite a number of the issues, so, as I said, we'll pick up again tomorrow, and see if we can't make a little bit of progress and have something a bit more substantive to report to you.


AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Let me go with...

QUESTION: With... nutritional aid, how will you make sure that the North Koreans will denuclearize when you give them...

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Okay. A lot of these questions are excellent questions. I understand why you're asking them. But what I can't do since we're still in the middle of these discussions with the North Koreans is get into answering these kinds of substantive questions right at the moment, and I apologize for that.

QUESTION: Was it raised today?


QUESTION: Did they raise...about the nutritional aid today?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: That issue did come up, yeah.

QUESTION: And can you state the sticking point is uranium enrichment? (inaudible) issues...

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: I'm not going to talk about sticking points. That wouldn't serve me as a negotiator to talk about where we might be stuck, if we are. And I'm not going to admit that we are, so....

QUESTION: Can you give us a run-down about the general issues that were discussed today?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: I'm not going to. I'm not going to give you a litany. I think almost all of you that follow North Korea know what the...what the issues are that we discuss with the North Koreans, and we talked about just about all of them today.

QUESTION: Earlier Mr. Bosworth received a CNN interview, and he said he expected the Six-Party Talks is going to be resumed within this year. So what's your... how's your comment on it?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Well, what I can't do is react to what every commentator has to say about predicting what will happen this year. That really doesn't serve our interests at this stage. So again, we're in mid-talks with the North, we'll pick up again tomorrow. Sorry I don't have more substantive information for you today. I've given you a little characterization of how today went. They were serious and substantive talks, and tomorrow I hope to have more for you. So thanks, I've got to run off now to have dinner with them.

QUESTION: On the North Korean side was Kim Kye-Gwan? Is that right?