Robert O. Blake, Jr.
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
Washington, DC
February 13, 2012

We heard reports, for example in Addu, that there were quiet serious violations of human rights, there were reports of beatings. There were reports that lawyers of those who were in detention have not had access to those in detention, so I think it's very important that the current government uphold the highest standards of the human rights.

Members of civil society told me that the country is not ready for early elections right now because the police, election commission and judiciary are not sufficiently prepared to ensure free and fair elections.

The United States hopes that the broadest coalition possible can be formed that would have a majority in parliament. This coalition should then work with all parties to reform and improve the capacity of the judiciary, the police and election commission to ensure that elections can be held in an orderly and peaceful manner.

There are some questions regarding the transfer of power, that took place on February 7th and we believe that some sort of independent Maldivian mechanism should be formed to investigate that.