Taken Question
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 1, 2012

Question: Are there any U.S. funded NGOs working in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: The United States Government funds U.S. NGOs that operate through exchanges with Saudi governmental and academic institutions. In Saudi Arabia, we are implementing programming that strengthens ties between U.S. and Saudi governmental, academic, and civil society institutions. These projects help support those in the Kingdom who are working to expand economic opportunities, improve government responsiveness, and build the capacity of its citizens to contribute to their nation's future.

As the President reiterated in his State of the Union address last month, the United States stands for the rights and dignity of all human beings. Throughout the Middle East, the United States supports policies and organizations that promote strong and stable democracies, open markets, an active civil society, and the rule of law.

PRN: 2012/158