Kurt M. Campbell
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
State Department
Washington, DC
January 26, 2012

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ASSISTANT SECRETARY CAMPBELL: First of all, let me just take this opportunity along with my dear colleague and friend, Peter Lavoy from the Pentagon, to welcome our colleagues and friends from the Philippines who are joining us today for important discussions about our critical relationship between the United States and the Philippines and all the things that we would like to do together. We have been so pleased at the cooperation that we’ve received at so many levels from our partners in the Philippines. We are enormously respectful of the hard work the president has done, President Aquino, grappling with some extraordinary difficult challenges, including corruption and other challenges inside the Philippines. We have been working closely with them in the Partnership for Growth and a whole host of other opportunities for cooperation. We look forward to discussions today that will deepen this very important relationship for us moving forward.

UNDERSECRETARY BASILIO: We are very pleased to be here [inaudible] to discuss matters of great importance to the Philippines… [inaudible] and furthering our common interests with the United States of America… [inaudible].

ASSISTANT SECRETARY CAMPBELL: Thank you very much. Thank you all.