Funding Opportunity Announcement
Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
March 17, 2010

Announcement issuance date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prevention of and response to GBV should begin at the onset of every emergency. PRM funds targeted GBV prevention and response projects to increase the focus on GBV and to help develop more effective GBV interventions. Whenever possible, these targeted GBV projects should complement existing programs with the goal of becoming mainstreamed into multi-sectoral assistance activities. PRM strongly encourages its partners to include GBV programming in both multi-sectoral and function-specific projects.

To encourage GBV mainstreaming, PRM program officers will include GBV response and prevention as a priority activity in the regional calls for proposals when appropriate. NGOs interested in applying for funding for either stand alone programs which target the prevention of and response to GBV or multi-sectoral programs which include components that address prevention and response to GBV in a specific community should apply to the appropriate regional call for proposals. As such, in FY 2010, PRM will not issue a broad funding opportunity announcement for all programs targeting GBV response and prevention activities as it has done in the past.

In addition to the regional calls for proposals, PRM will issue a very limited funding opportunity announcement for GBV activities with a global reach and/or GBV activities with a particular thematic focus in the spring.

If an NGO would like to combine an existing PRM funded program targeting the prevention and response to GBV with an existing multi-sectoral program in the same location, the NGO may need to adjust the proposed budget to synchronize the end dates. For example: If one program has a August 31 end date and one has a May 31 end date, follow-on funding for budget items associated with the activities scheduled to end on August 31 should only be requested for the September 1-May 31 timeframe.

PRM Points of Contact:

Should NGOs have questions related to this announcement, they should contact the PRM staff listed below.

Shanna Devoy (; 202-663-3344) Washington, D.C.

Nicole Gaertner (; 202 663-1481)Washington, D.C.