Date: 02/01/2012 Description: Black History Month 2012: Brittanie Anderson - State Dept ImageBrittanie Anderson is a second tour public diplomacy coned Foreign Service officer currently working as a special projects officer in the Office of eDiplomacy. Her current projects include enabling TechCamps, a Secretary Clinton Civil Society 2.0 initiative, and providing training for internal audiences on eDiplomacy tools. Brittanie is especially proud to work on TechCamps, which allow her to utilize her background in social entrepreneurship due to the project’s focus on connecting activists, civil society organizations, and technologists in order to strengthen capacity and solve social problems.

Brittanie has recently returned from a consular assignment in Kingston, Jamaica, where she worked on immigrant visas, nonimmigrant visas, and fraud prevention programming. Brittanie is a Thomas Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow, and during this fellowship, she worked in the Office of Caribbean Affairs, as well as in the public affairs sections of the US Embassy in New Delhi, India, and the US Embassy in Libreville, Gabon. Prior to entering the Foreign Service, Brittanie worked as an educator, facilitator, and curriculum developer, and has held jobs in the art and design industries. Brittanie has also studied, worked, and volunteered in France, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Romania.

Brittanie holds a M.A. in social entrepreneurship from New York University, as well as a B.A. in African studies and French from Howard University, summa cum laude.