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Date: 02/01/2012 Description: Black History Month 2012: Kedenard Raymond - State Dept ImageKedenard Raymond (r) with Ambassador to Brazil Thomas Shannon

Kedenard is a public diplomacy coned officer, currently doing her first tour in Montreal, Canada. She was born in Washington, DC to Haitian immigrant parents, and grew up in Silver Spring, MD. After graduating from American University with a bachelor’s degree in international studies, she went on to pursue a master’s degree in Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Recognizing the importance of having a diplomatic corps that truly reflects the diversity of the American populace, she joined the Foreign Service with the 156th A-100 class in September 2010.

As a Haitian-American, she has always been passionate about development issues in Haiti and the rest of the developing world, and looks forward to using public diplomacy as a means to educate, engage, and empower communities in the countries that she serves.