Fact Sheet
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
December 8, 2011


  • FY 2008 – $496,000 (INCLE*)
  • FY 2009 – $0 (INCLE)
  • FY 2010 – $1,000,000 (INCLE)
  • FY 2011 – $1,750,000 (INCLE)

*INCLE: International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement Funds

Program Goal:

To enhance justice, security, and the rule of law in Yemen by fostering more responsive and accountable criminal justice institutions.

Program Components:

  • Rule of Law Project will promote justice and security dialogues that bring together all stakeholders to identify concrete steps that can be taken to improve justice and security in the immediate-term and to help create a long-term vision for civil justice.
  • Civilian Police Reform Project will encourage the adoption of more democratic and effective policing practices in order to build capacity to combat crime, respond to citizens’ public safety concerns, enforce the rule of law, and respect human rights.
  • Justice Sector Reform Project supports efforts to enhance access to justice, to improve the independence, professionalism, and responsiveness of the judiciary, to promote legal awareness and rights education, and to develop citizen demands for an effective and accountable justice system.
  • Anti-Corruption Project will provide support to the ROYG in building its anti-corruption capacities to improve control and oversight of key ministries and state-run organizations and to prosecute cases of waste, fraud, and abuse.

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