Other Releases
December 21, 2011

The United States is a member of the International Stabilization and Peacebuilding initiative (ISPI), an informal network of governments, multilateral, and international partners aimed at enhancing civilian peacebuilding capacity globally and increasing interoperability among these international actors.

In November 2010, ISPI partners launched the Stabilization and Peacebuilding Community of Practice (SP-CoP), a global network of international peacebuilding actors and individual practitioners who interact virtually to share their practical experiences, lessons learned, insights, and information on peace and stability operations.

Beginning Wednesday, December 21, the Stabilization and Peacebuilding Community of Practice (SP-CoP) and the United Nations Peacebuilding Community of Practice will conduct a joint, six-week long e-Discussion on the 2011 World Bank Development Report. Participants will discuss transitions to durable peace and democracy, with a particular focus on confidence-building steps.

The e-Discussion will be guest facilitated by Sarah Cliffe, who served as Special Representative and Director for the 2011 World Development Report and is currently on secondment to the United Nations as Special Adviser and Assistant Secretary General, Civilian Capacities Review.

For more information or to join the discussion, visit the SP-CoP website.