December 12, 2011

Subcommittee Members as of December 12, 2011

Ms. Donna Bethea-Murphy
Vice President, Regulatory Engineering
Iridium Communications, Inc.

Mr. Steve Birnbaum
Chair, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Programs
Global VSAT Forum

Mr. James Bugel
Assistant Vice President
Public Safety and Homeland Security

Ms. Nan Buzard
Senior Director
International Response and Programs
American Red Cross

Mr. Paul Chiswell
Senior Director, Customer Assurance Program
Cisco Systems

Mr. Nick DeTura
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Logistics

Mr. Kalpak Gude
Associate General Counsel

Mr. Thierry Guillemin
Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

Mr. David Hartshorn
Secretary General
Global VSAT Forum

Harmony Mabrey
Senior Operations Manager –Disaster Response
Microsoft Corporation

Mr. Paul Margie
U.S. Representative
Telecoms Sans Frontieres / Telecom Without Borders

Mr. Jerry McConnell
Manager, North America/Latin America Customer Support Center
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Ms. Kelly O’Keefe
Director, International Public Policy
Access Partnership

Mr. Gisli Olafsson
Global Program Director – Emergency Response

Mr. Mathew Taylor
Senior Solutions Architect
Intel Corporation

Mr. Timothy Woods
Manager, Tactical Operations Support
Cisco Systems