Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
December 1, 2011

Embassy of the United States, Vilnius, Lithuania

Officials from the United States and Lithuania met in Vilnius on December 1, 2011, to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation in combating smuggling of nuclear materials.

The United States and Lithuania reaffirmed the need to prevent terrorists or other criminals from acquiring nuclear material, and shared best practices for coordinating a whole-of-government response to nuclear and radiological smuggling incidents. In order to better investigate and prosecute smugglers, both sides shared information on current smuggling threats and trends.

To enhance counter nuclear smuggling efforts, both sides discussed best practices in the areas of nuclear detection, nuclear forensics, law enforcement, and the development of new technologies, and identified areas for additional training and cooperation.

The discussions demonstrate the commitment of the United States and Lithuania to strengthen international and regional cooperation to investigate and prosecute nuclear smugglers.