Fact Sheet
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
November 30, 2011


  • FY 2007 - $2, 742,576 (1207)*

*1207: Section 1207 of the National Defense Authorization Act

Program Goals:

Somaliland is a relatively stable region in north-west Somalia that enjoys a higher functioning criminal justice sector than its neighbors to the east and war-torn south. Continued stability in Somaliland will contribute to overall security throughout Somalia and support the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs' (INL) goal of security throughout the region. In May 2010, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) completed an assessment of the criminal justice sector in Somaliland and developed a program that would support its development. Based on the outcomes and recommendations of this assessment, INL programs will focus on strengthening the existing legal framework and building the capacity of the justice and law enforcement sectors in Somaliland, in order to preserve the rule of law and support our overall goal of promoting and maintaining stability throughout Somalia.

Program Components/Accomplishments:

  • Criminal Justice Sector Development:

    Capacity Building of the Judiciary – This program will strengthen the accountability and integrity of judges, while also addressing the need for an increase in their skills and professional knowledge. A mechanism will be developed to receive and properly address complaints brought against members of the judiciary, and a code of conduct will be established and disseminated in order to layout the professional expectations of judges and various members of the judiciary.

    --Establishing Efficient Prosecution Services – This program will increase the accountability and integrity of the prosecutors and staff of the office of the Attorney General, while at the same time work to increase their professional knowledge. Somaliland’s Legislative framework and organizational capacity will be reviewed, and a code of conduct will be developed and implemented.

    --Police Reform – This program will support the efforts of the Government of Somaliland to reform their law enforcement sector. Targeted assistance will be provided in order to develop a comprehensive training program that will increase the capacity of the police, in addition to establishing a system to track and investigate complaints brought against them.

    --Prison Refurbishment – Through INL funding, kitchen facilities in Hargeisa Prison were brought up to international standards, the maximum security block that houses high security inmates was bolstered, and an expert staff trainer was provided to train new prison staff and establish standing orders. As a result, the prison is now operating at full capacity.

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