November 15, 2011

Date: 11/15/2011 Description: Celebrating Veterans Day 2011: Andrew Woodford - State Dept ImageAndrew Woodford joined the Navy in 1978 and went to boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. In boot camp became the company clerk and was slotted for schooling as a personnelman in Meridian, MS. The first duty station was Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL at Training Squadron 86, alongside the Blue Angels, where many Navy pilots learn to fly. After nearly 2 years there, Andrew transferred to Holy Loch, Scotland to a large submarine repair ship, the USS Holland AS-32. This took him to the end of his first enlistment and he was offered and took new orders and re-enlistment for the Naval Facility, Brawdy, Wales.

While in the United Kingdom Andrew became an avid runner and ran in one Scotland marathon and the London marathon as well as many local races. So, after this tour he was back in the U.S. at the Naval Education and Training Center, Newport, RI for four years. This position led him to become the computer systems site manager for pay and personnel for the entire base. He then got orders back to Europe where he was stationed on another forward deployed submarine repair ship the USS Orion AS-18. There, he became the personnel office supervisor and leading petty officer for the Administration Department for over 40 enlisted personnel.

During this tour Andrew qualified for the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist insignia, which is earned by being qualified in all the ships departments. At the end of his tour off the Italian coast the ship was slotted to be decommissioned so he went back to Norfolk, VA until the ship was fully decommissioned. His next and last duty station was in the Federal Building in Albany, NY where he became the enlisted processing division supervisor for the Military Entrance Processing Station. Andrew then retired with 20 years service.

Now, Andrew is a senior passport specialist at the New York Passport Agency, Department of State. He is also the senior steward for NFFE-1998, the union that represents bargaining unit employees in passport services.