Wendy Sherman
Under Secretary for Political Affairs
South Korean Foreign Ministry
Seoul, South Korea
November 22, 2011

AP soundites:

Under Secretary Sherman (Nov. 22): "To see Secretary Clinton come to that country (North Korea), they (North Koreas) could begin by meeting the commitments that they have already made and the obligations they have already undertaken to ensure the six-party-talks could begin again. And if North Korea ever is serious about meeting its commitment and obligations to ending is nuclear weapon program, long range missile program and entering the international community, I suppose anything is possible but there is a very long way to go."

"This Free Trade Agreement (between South Korea and the US) was negotiated because it was in the interest of both our countries to increase trade and increase the prosperity and availability of jobs for our citizens. We believe this free trade agreement will do that, and we look forward to the Republic of Korea ratifying this free trade agreement as soon as it possibly can."