Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
November 30, 2011

Welcome to the United States’ virtual embassy in Tehran!

The United States maintains diplomatic missions all over the world in order to communicate with other governments, facilitate trade and commerce, and support mutual understanding and respect. Because the United States and Iran do not have diplomatic relations, we have missed some important opportunities for dialogue with you, the citizens of Iran. But today, we can use new technologies to bridge that gap and promote greater understanding between our two countries, which is why we established this virtual embassy.

This is a platform for us to communicate with each other—openly and without fear—about the United States, our policies, our culture, and our people. You can also find information here about opportunities to study in the United States or obtain a visa to come visit us.

We hope that this virtual embassy will prove to be a useful tool for you, and we welcome your feedback. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to leave your thoughts and ideas about how we can engage even more and deepen our relationship. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to hearing from you.