November 15, 2011

Date: 11/15/2011 Description: Celebrating Veteran's Day 2011: Danny Branch - State Dept Image

Danny L. Branch is the Division Chief of the Special Message Operations (SMO) under the Message Systems Operations (MSO) Directorate, in the Information Resource Management (IRM) Bureau.

Mr. Branch is a former member of the United States Army in Europe. Mr. Branch was the branch chief of the Tactical Battle field communications section, assigned to the 227 Field Artillery Regiment (227 FA), in the 3rd brigade in Friedberg, West Germany. His tour of duty was June 11th 1976 through June 14th 1980. Mr. Branch's end-of-time in service (ETS) commended with an employment offer to work as a communication officer with the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) Department under the U.S. Navy command. Mr. Branch worked for the Navy from September 1976 through February 1986. The State Department recruited Mr. Branch on several occasions and hired him in February 8th, 1986. He was hired in the Information Resource Management Bureau’s, Office of Communications; works now with the Message Operations Systems (MSO) Directorate. He has been with the Department for the past twenty-six years and is a proud thirty-five year member of the federal service.