William J. Burns
Deputy Secretary
Washington, DC
September 2, 2011

Under Secretary Burns: I conveyed to him the warm greetings of President Obama and Secretary Clinton. The continuing commitment of the United States to a strong partnership with the Peruvian government and the people of Peru.

The United States and Peru have worked quite well together over the years in a comprehensive effort against the shared challenge of narcotic production and trafficking. I emphasize that it's a shared challenge because as President Obama has said we recognize that we share the responsibility for this problem because of our high levels of consumption. So, we not only share responsibility we want to share in the effort to find a solution to make progress and the only way to do that is through a comprehensive approach that includes alternative development, interdiction, fighting against money laundering, information sharing as well as eradication. So, that is the basis upon which we look forward to continuing to work closely with Peru.

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