Taken Question
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
August 18, 2011


What is our reaction to reports that Peru has halted its coca eradication program that is supported by the United States?


The U.S. and Peru have a longstanding and excellent working relationship on counternarcotics matters. Working together, our two countries have had a significant impact in reducing cultivation of illegal coca in Peru. We are confident that that spirit of partnership and cooperation, characterized by fluid communications with Peruvian officials, will continue in the future.

We do not believe that the temporary suspension of eradication this week represents a permanent shift in the Peruvian government’s counternarcotics policy.

Peruvian government officials at the highest level assured the Embassy on August 17 of their intention to continue close collaboration in the fight against narcotics trafficking and criminality, and to work together to continue to reduce the cultivation of illegal coca in Peru. We welcome that commitment.

PRN: 2011/1343