Photo of Nicholas Namba
Nicholas Namba
Deputy Coordinator
International Information Programs
Content Development and Partnerships
Term of Appointment: 07/05/2011 to present

Nicholas Namba is the Deputy Coordinator for Content Development and Partnerships, taking on that role in July 2011. Mr. Namba leads the Department’s public diplomacy efforts to design, develop, and curate content and information for policy initiatives and strategic communications programs for key international audiences, such as youth, media, government officials, opinion leaders, and the general public in more than 190 countries.

Mr. Namba joined the Foreign Service in 2003 and most recently served as special assistant to the Under Secretary for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy. He has served the Department in a variety of other capacities, including the human rights officer in Moscow, Russia; Chief of the Economic and Commercial Services Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Director of educational and cultural exchanges in New Delhi, India.

Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Mr. Namba was a senior consultant and implementation manager at CGI, a global provider of consulting, systems integration, and IT management services. He also worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Mr. Namba has a B.A. in international affairs from the George Washington University. He speaks Russian and Spanish and has studied Japanese.

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