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Health: Fast Facts on the U.S. Government's Work in Haiti

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Fact Sheet
Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator
July 15, 2011

Disease Prevention and Treatment in Haiti
The U.S. Government is working to help prevent and treat disease in Haiti by providing sustainable health care solutions to help Haitians build a system that will improve their quality of life and lay the foundation for long-term, sustainable development.

Pre-Earthquake Healthcare in Haiti: Grim Statistics

The earthquake exacerbated a difficult situation, and presented the Government of Haiti, the U.S. Government, and the international community with new health challenges to overcome.

Disease Management Through Prevention

Once the earthquake struck, the U.S. Government moved quickly to help the Government of Haiti take the steps necessary to mitigate the spread of disease and improve the general health of Haitians.

Together with the international community, the U.S. Government continues to work with the Government of Haiti to improve health and sanitation, prevent the spread of disease, and improve the quality of life for Haitians.

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