Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
April 1, 2011

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Flag of Kosovo is blue with six white, five-pointed stars in an arc above a gold-colored silhouette of the country in the center.

ASSISTANCE GOALS: The overall goal for United States Government (USG) assistance to Kosovo is to strengthen the country’s nascent institutions and its multi-ethnic democracy, further contributing to regional stability. Assistance priorities include supporting U.S. participation in the European Security and Defense Policy mission (EULEX) and other activities promoting the rule of law, ensuring the development of a democratic and multi-ethnic society, promoting economic development, and supporting Kosovo’s progress toward Euro-Atlantic integration.


Peace and Security (P&S)

  • Advance rule of law and basic security for citizens, mitigate ethnic conflict and build confidence in government institutions
  • Monitor trends that could lead to conflict, facilitate reconciliation and increase informed discussion of the role of minorities in planning for Kosovo’s future
  • Increase capacity of basic police services, border security, forensics, police administration management and leadership, training and criminal justice coordination

Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD)

  • Build the capacity and efficiency of the Ministry of Justice and other actors in the judicial system, including courts
  • Ensure a stable, inclusive, democratic society with participation of all ethnic communities
  • Establish professional, independent media serving all of Kosovo’s communities

Investing in People (IIP)

  • Improve the quality of basic education
  • Support higher education to improve the quality of the workforce
  • Support entrepreneurship among Kosovo’s youth

Economic Growth (EG)

  • Improve the Kosovo Energy Corporation’s billing procedures and internal accounting practices
  • Establish a legal and regulatory environment conducive to investment and the growth of a competitive private sector capable of creating employment
  • Help Kosovo meet its debt burden as the Government implements sustainable fiscal policies

Humanitarian Assistance (HA)

  • Provide assistance to minority communities and support efforts to build homes for displaced Roma and other returnees


  • USG supported the thirty year concession of Pristina International Airport
  • Relying on USG technical guidance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs established the first clear division of responsibility within the Kosovo Police organization. The structure provides for improved gender balance and increased minority participation in police decision making.
  • USG established a model court in ten municipalities and implemented a training program for civil execution clerks to begin reducing the backlog of cases in Kosovo’s courts.
  • USG provided training to prosecutors and police in counter-narcotics and human trafficking which led to a number of successful arrests. Kosovo maintained a Tier 2 ranking in the latest TIP report.
  • USG assisted the move of 50 displaced Roma families (200+ beneficiaries) from the lead-poisoned camps of north Mitrovica to new, clean housing in south Mitrovica

*This fact sheet does not reflect centrally managed or regional Foreign Operations funding that is not specifically budgeted for Kosovo.