Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 1, 2011

Hello everyone and happy Independence Day.

At home, the Fourth of July means fireworks, barbeques, family and friends. But for all of you – Americans living and working overseas – this day takes on a whole new meaning. It’s an opportunity to share our culture and our spirit, to open our doors and welcome new friends and partners. I want to thank you for representing the American people so well, on this and every other day.

Today is a time to celebrate the birth of our nation and the values that have sustained us for 235 years – equality, opportunity and the rights enshrined in our founding documents.

This year, we have been reminded again that these are not just American values, they are truly universal values. And as people across North Africa, the Middle East and around the world risk their lives to claim these universal human rights and freedoms, Americans are proud to stand with them. We are united by our common hopes and aspirations for a better world.

So have a wonderful celebration.