June 29, 2011 to July 2, 2011

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Secretary of State Clinton traveled to Budapest, Hungary, June 29, to participate in the dedication of the Lantos Institute. The establishment of the Lantos Institute has been supported by the Government of Hungary to promote Hungarian-born Congressman Tom Lantos’ long commitment to democratic principles and the protection of individual and human rights. Secretary Clinton also met with Prime Minister Orban, Foreign Minister Martonyi, and representatives of civil society while in Budapest.

Secretary Clinton visited Vilnius, Lithuania, from June 30 to July 1, to participate in the Community of Democracies 6th Ministerial. The Ministerial brought together senior government officials, parliamentarians, NGOs, women and youth leaders, and the private sector to advance the shared goals of strengthening civil society and supporting emerging democracies. During her visit, the Secretary participated in the "Women Enhancing Democracy" gathering of world leaders, held under the auspices of the Community of Democracies’ working group on women’s empowerment. She also hosted a session of the Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society focused on challenges to the freedoms of speech and association. While in Vilnius, the Secretary held bilateral meetings with President Grybauskaite, Prime Minister Kubilius, and other Lithuanian officials.

Secretary Clinton traveled to Madrid, Spain, July 1-2, 2011. In Madrid, Secretary Clinton underscored the close partnership and friendship the United States and Spain enjoy, based on shared values and common interests. The Secretary met with Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez to discuss a range of issues including Afghanistan, North Africa, and the Middle East, and trade, investment and the economy.

07/02/2011 Remarks With Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez After Their Meeting
07/02/2011 Remarks at a Meet and Greet With Staff and Families
07/01/2011 Remarks at Community of Democracies Ministerial
07/01/2011 Interview With Rita Miliute of Lithuanian National TV
07/01/2011 Remarks With Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite
07/01/2011 Remarks at the First Meeting of the Lifeline Donor Steering Committee
07/01/2011 Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Re-establishment of Baltic Independence
06/30/2011 Remarks on Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society
06/30/2011 Remarks on TechCamp Vilnius
06/30/2011 Remarks at Women Enhancing Democracy Event
06/30/2011 Remarks With Embassy Staff and Families
06/30/2011 Remarks With Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban
06/30/2011 Participation in the Inauguration of the Lantos Institutue
06/29/2011 Briefing en Route Budapest, Hungary
06/24/2011 Briefing on Upcoming Community of Democracies Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

Press Releases
06/30/2011 Initiatives to Strengthen Civil Society and Provide Protection to NGOs Under Siege
06/30/2011 The Community of Democracies' "Democracy Partnership Challenge: A Race to the Top for Emerging Democracies"

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