Ambassador Glyn Davies
Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna, Austria
June 9, 2011

Reuters and AP Soundbites:

Ambassador Davies: "The resolution is a necessary and appropriate step in light of the troubling findings in the IAEA's latest report, including Syria's demonstrated refusal for the past three years to cooperate with the investigation and allow investigators access to all sites and information requested by the agency.”

Ambassador Davies: "Syria's apparent attempt at constructing a secret, undeclared plutonium production reactor, a reactor with no credible peaceful purpose, represents one of the most serious safeguards violations possible."

Ambassador Davies: "What is it that Syria needs to do now? Well, in the view of the United States, the only way that Syria can demonstrate that it has come back into full compliance is by cooperating with the IAEA and providing the necessary information and access. The most efficient way for them to do that would be to make a new declaration."

Ambassador Davies: "It is not appropriate behavior for a country to build a secret nuclear reactor. I mean I think that's the main point about what happened here today. It's the reactor. It's the fact that they build a reactor without telling the IAEA they were doing it and it had no civilian purpose. And I think that's why we had to do what we did today. I think that's the main point."