Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
May 19, 2011

In this moment of profound change in the region, the United States supports Morocco’s efforts to promote ongoing democratic development through constitutional, judicial, and political reforms. In March 2011, King Mohamed VI promised comprehensive reforms that would guarantee free parliamentary elections, create an independent judiciary, and assure that human rights are upheld for all. These initiatives build on other meaningful reforms in Morocco that include increased rights for women and youth and universal access to free education. We recognize the King’s effort to respond to citizens’ demands, and we urge continuing and rapid implementation of these crucial reforms. Morocco has made significant achievements in the economic, social, and political realms, and can demonstrate its regional leadership by pursuing further democratic reforms. We value Morocco as a strategic partner, and we will work with the people and government of Morocco to realize their democratic aspirations.

Public Diplomacy and Diplomatic Outreach

  • The United States engages the Moroccan government at all levels to support the reforms announced by King Mohamed VI and encourage their swift implementation. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with the Foreign Minister of Morocco in March 2011 to discuss a number of bilateral and multilateral issues; the “Arab Spring” was at the forefront of their conversation.
  • We continue to voice support for Morocco’s reforms, and their implementation, through domestic and foreign press outlets. We use public diplomacy programs to promote dialogue, engage Morocco’s vibrant civil society, encourage a responsible media, and increase understanding of democratic values.
  • Democracy and Governance Support We are working with the people and government of Morocco to support their efforts to further consolidate the rule of law, raise human rights standards, promote good governance, empower youth, and work toward meaningful, long-term constitutional reform.
  • The United States holds a robust and ongoing dialogue on human rights and political freedoms with the Moroccan government, and works in partnership with the Moroccan government on promotion of the rule of law and justice sector reform.

PRN: 2011/788