July 30, 2015

Col Peter Doty, USAF

Deputy Director
Mr. Eric Geelan

Ms. Rebecca Boothby

SOCOM Liaison
COL Jonathan Mapley-Brittle, USA

Senior Naval Advisor/Maritime
CAPT Kirk Hibbert, USN

Operations Chief
Mr. Scott Page

Diplomatic Clearances
Mr. Rodney Bethea

Operations Officer
LT Andrew Poulin, USN

Political-Military Action Team

Exercises and Coordination
Mr. Eric Geelan

Exercise Team Chief and Overseas Territories
Mr. Tai Dickerson

Mr. Christopher LaVine

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements and Humanitarian Assistance
Ms. Peggy Pope

State-Defense Exchange Chief
Lt Col Laura Ramos, USAF

State-Defense Integration
Maj Mary King, USAF

Strategic Engagement
Maj Matthew Shaw, USAF

Admin and Personnel Chief
MSgt Reginald Frazier, USAF

Admin and Personnel Deputy Chief
YN1 Victor Rosado, USN