Bureau of Resource Management
April 21, 2011

Public Benefit

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Photo showing Administrator Shah with villagers from Magdalena la Abundancia, Sacapulas, Quiche who are part of the Agriculture Chain Program in Guatemala.

Administrator Shah with villagers from Magdalena la Abundancia, Sacapulas, Quiche who are part of the Agriculture Chain Program in Guatemala. USAID

The U.S. Government goal is to achieve rapid, sustained, and broad-based economic growth for the United States, its trading partners, and developing countries. Through U.S. Missions overseas, the U.S. Government advocates for fair treatment and a transparent investment climate. The United States negotiates to open markets for increased trade, investment, and transportation and communications services in order to create jobs and provide new economic opportunities. It also advances energy security by encouraging the diversification of energy supplies, securing measures against supply disruption, and promoting clean energy technology. Global growth creates conditions that advance democratic values and expand the number of countries that are effective partners with the United States in working toward a more stable, secure, healthy, and prosperous world. Broad-based growth is vital to transforming the developing world to meet 21st century challenges and the Millennium Development Goal to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Summary of Performance and Resources

Pie chart summarizing the FY 2010 results achieved for Strategic Goal 4. Values are: Above target: 10 (36%). On target: 1 (4%). Below target: 6 (21%). Rating not available: 11 (39%). Total number of indicators: 28.

Bar chart summarizing the FY 2010 budget resources by strategic priority for Strategic Goal 4. Values are ($ in millions): Private Markets and Competitiveness: $962. Trade and Investment: $379. Financial Sector: $175. Infrastructure: $482. Energy Sector: $55. Agriculture: $1,837. Macroeconomic Foundation for Growth: $270. Economic Opportunity: $288. Environment: $882. Total budget resources: $5,330.

The Department and USAID met or exceeded targets for 40 percent of their performance indicators for Strategic Goal 4. Twenty-one percent of indicators were below target, and ratings were not available for 39 percent that are new or for which data are not yet available. The Department and USAID allocated $5.3 billion toward this Strategic Goal in FY 2010, which is 11 percent of the total State-USAID budget supporting all strategic goals. A discussion of the priorities under this Strategic Goal and performance for five illustrative indicators is provided in the following section.

Key Selected Achievements

  • Implemented key portions of the President’s National Export Initiative by advocating for U.S. companies doing business abroad and exporting to foreign markets
  • Launched new initiatives under the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas to expand energy and climate cooperation including expanding sustainable energy in the Caribbean, strengthening Central American energy and environmental security, and advancing sustainable biomass and shale gas energy
  • Launched the Global Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with private businesses, nongovernmental organizations, universities, and foundations to train business leaders, connect them with potential markets, and assist them to find financing
  • Launched the President’s Feed the Future Initiative and assisted the Government of Haiti to develop a multiyear strategy for food security to further recovery from the devastating earthquake and modernize the agricultural based economy
  • Enhanced stewardship of fragile eco-systems, bringing 92.7 million hectares of land under improved natural resource and biodiversity management