Media Note
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
April 20, 2011

Today, the United Nations Security Council reaffirmed its strong commitment to international nonproliferation and counterterrorism efforts by unanimously adopting resolution 1977, and extending the mandate of the 1540 Committee for 10 years. Resolution 1977 reaffirms Security Council resolution 1540, which obliges states to implement measures to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

The 1540 Committee has established itself as a key part of the non-proliferation and counter-terrorism landscape and has taken great strides since its creation in 2004. The Committee helps States to fully implement UNSCR 1540 through its outreach, capacity-building, and assistance efforts. The United States fully supports these efforts and recently announced intentions to voluntarily contribute $3 million later this year.

Resolution 1977 endorses the important work of the 1540 Committee and gives it the tools to strengthen these efforts over the coming decade. The United States welcomes this long-term extension of the Committee’s mandate.

For more information on current efforts to implement UNSCR 1540 worldwide, please contact U.S. 1540 Coordinator Thomas A. Wuchte at (202) 736-4275 or For general information about UNSCR 1540 please visit the Web site:

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