Office of Public Liaison
Bureau of Public Affairs
April 27, 2011

Assistant Secretary of State for Economics, Energy, and Business Affairs Jose Fernandez held a Conversation With America on the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement with Jeffrey Schott, Senior Fellow, the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The discussion was moderated by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Cheryl Benton and outlined how the agreement will bolster the U.S. economy and strengthen the U.S. relationship with South Korea as well as the next steps in the approval process. Members of the general public submitted questions which were selected for response during the live broadcast.

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Date: 04/27/2011 Location: Washington, DC Description: Conversations With America:  US-Korea Free Trade Agreement with Jeffrey Schott, Senior Fellow, The Peterson Institute and Assistant Secretary Fernandez. - State Dept Image

Through Conversations With America, leaders of national nongovernmental organizations have the opportunity to discuss foreign policy and global issues with senior State Department officials. These conversations aim to provide candid views of the ways in which leaders from the foreign affairs community are engaging the Department on pressing foreign policy issues.