Farah Anwar Pandith
Special Representative to Muslim Communities
Washington, DC
February 10, 2011

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Special Representative Pandith (Feb. 10): "Anti-Semitism, Prejudice, Racism, Muslim Hatred, Sexism
All words for hate…
Hate is Hate…No matter who the target is

This year we are launching a campaign 2011 Hours Against Hate
Asking young people, in every corner of the world to pledge their time to stop hate
To do something for someone who isn’t like you
To stand up for respect;
And speak out against bigotry

Join the Campaign—2011 Hours Against Hate
Pledge five hours at a women’s shelter
Pledge three hours at a religious charity other than your own or three hours for the homeless
Every hour makes a difference
What will you do?

How many hours will you give?
Who will you reach out to?
To stop hate?"

[This is a mobile copy of 2011 Hours Against Hate]

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