Date: 02/01/2011 Description: Black History Month 2011 Participant: Ms. Tommye L. Grant attending an Executive Women @ State event: Ceremony for Wise Women. - State Dept Image

Having just received official confirmation of 40 years of service at the Department, I thought what better way to encourage the newer members of our community to continue their careers at State than to profile my own life journey. To be sure, I held some satisfying positions while here working for legends, starting in the Foreign Service in 1967 when I served on President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Commission for the Observance of Human Rights Year 1968 - a Twentieth Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights- as the liaison between State and the local human rights commissions throughout the US. I also accompanied Gladys Tillett to the UN when she was the US Women’s Representative urging equality for women everywhere. As a civil servant, I worked for Frances G. Knight as her Chief of the Insular Coordination Office, liaison again to the local governments in Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and American Samoa on passport matters.

However, it was the life after 6 PM that really exemplifies what Dr King’s call for service means to me. You can be paid for what you do and it can be satisfying but it is also satisfying to give in fields you don’t receive compensation such as working for youth. I founded the Washington Babe Ruth League and works with the poor through St. Vincent de Paul. I have served as a PTA President and community leader in recreation and communication. See more of my outreach activities for details.