Date: 02/01/2011 Description: Black History Month 2011 Participant: Selina Jenkins - State Dept Image

Ms. Selina Jenkins is a veteran State Department employee. She is presently a program specialist in the Bureau of Ocean Environment and Science Affairs, Office of Science Technology Cooperation. She began her career at the Washington Passport Agency as a data entry operator.

Ms. Jenkins finds that her experiences with the Department have taken her places she had only dreamt of. She has worked on some temporary overseas assignments in Accra, Ghana where she met former President Clinton and now Secretary [of State] Clinton. She has worked with other overseas posts including: Amsterdam, London, the Netherlands, and Yucatán, Mexico. She has participated in two Blacks in Government (BIG) conferences in Miami, Florida and in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Jenkins found herself networking with other USG employees and the variety of workshops taught her very useful skills which she could use in her day-to-day operations. During the Department’s passport overload, she traveled to the Los Angeles, CA office to help reduce the workload.

Ms. Jenkins is the recipient of the Department’s Superior Honor Award, Meritorious Award, Franklin Award, Quality Step Increase (QSI) Award and an Extra Mile Award. She has also received recognition for working on two task forces. Ms. Jenkins finds her career is very rewarding and exciting.