In June 2010, the College Board sponsored the Summer Institute for International Admissions at Georgetown University to help high school college counselors strengthen their college counseling program. This year, counselors had opportunities to meet college admissions professionals at special panel sessions and a college fair. A two-day workshop for those participants new to college counseling in American/international schools preceded the Institute. The objective of the workshop was to introduce new counselors to techniques and information on counseling that can be used immediately, including suggestions on how to work with faculty and families.

Topics at the Institute included “How Cultures Collide,” ethical issues in college admissions, the admissions process, an update on visa and immigration issues, testing, techniques on writing recommendation letters and student essays, legal issues, financial aid and resources for college counseling. A new session this year included the use of social media. An additional feature was the college fair which gave the counselors an opportunity to meet representatives from various colleges. Participants also had direct contact with admissions officers who participated in panel sessions and with members of the Overseas Project Committee who conducted some of the sessions.

This year, of the 61 counselors from overseas schools who participated in the Institute, 28 were from Department-assisted overseas schools, and many of these were new to college counseling. OS funded their tuition for the workshop and Institute.