Jeff Bleich, U.S. Ambassador to Australia
Canberra, Australia
December 1, 2010

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AMBASSADOR BLEICH: Any breach of security like this is bad for diplomacy, it's bad for everyone's security because we have to be able to give candid assessments and we have to be able to share information within our governments and with our partners. So, yes, we're aware of documents that are purported to come from Canberra, documents that purported to relate to Australia. But we're not going to validate those for people who have committed crimes.

AMBASSADOR BLEICH: We're (Australia and the U.S.) talking together about ways to ensure that our partners, our sources throughout the world are, you know, not put in jeopardy, not harmed as a result of their working to, you know, to promote a safer world. That's our main focus. With respect to people who are engaged in illegal actions, you know, that's for the law enforcement authorities to evaluate and for them to look at what are prosecutable offences and who can be charged for them.

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