Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
November 3, 2010

Date: 11/03/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Thomas Wuchte, US 1540 Coordinator, speaking to an audience on nonproliferation efforts. - State Dept ImageOn November 3, the Department of State awarded the 2010 Secretary's Award for Excellence in International Security Affairs to Thomas Wuchte. The Award recognizes individual excellence in the development, negotiation and implementation of national policy and solutions to counter arms control challenges facing the United States.

Mr. Wuchte acts as the State Department’s Senior Advisor and Special Coordinator for United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 (UNSCR 1540) – a landmark initiative related to international security and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. UNSCR 1540, if fully implemented, helps ensure that no State or non-State actor is a source or beneficiary of weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Wuchte is being recognized for his leadership in advancing UN Security Council Resolution 1540 implementation efforts. This resolution established the first-ever binding obligations on member states to take and enforce effective measures against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Wuchte’s efforts help ensure robust international implementation and enforcement, establishing a foundation for long-lasting multilateral cooperation that is uniformly cited as the model to follow by the international community and advanced the cause of nonproliferation..

Mr. Wuchte is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and received a post-graduate degree in International Relations and Russian Studies from the University of Illinois. He has a strong background in multilateral cooperation throughout Europe, Asia, North/South America, Africa, and the Middle East. He is currently assigned to the Bureau of International Security & Nonproliferation at the Department of State. He is proficient in German and Russian.