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NYLF Gains Insight on U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities

WASHINGTON, DC, October 7 As Secretary Clinton announced the launch of the mWomen initiative on October 7, students Date: 10/07/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Peter Harrell, a member of the Secretary's Policy Planning Staff, responds to questions at the National Youth Leadership Forum briefing. - State Dept Imageparticipating in the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security at the U.S. Department of State discussed the initiative in addition to Afghanistan and 21st Century Statecraft in a briefing on U.S. foreign policy priorities. Peter Harrell, a member of the Secretary’s Policy Planning Staff, explained how the mWomen initiative will work to close the gender gap through the promotion of mobile technologies as tools for women’s empowerment as well as improve governance and strengthen democratic institutions. He also emphasized the Obama Administration’s goal to build up the Afghan state so that the people of Afghanistan can defend themselves against the Taliban and the U.S. commitment to provide economic and development aid. Mr. Harrell also spoke about the Department’s 21st Century Statecraft initiative, which aims to maximize the potential of technology in service of U.S. diplomatic and development goals.

Mr. Harrell is responsible for transnational crime, narcotics, piracy, rule-of-law, and a variety of legal issues on the Policy Planning Staff, the Department of State’s internal think tank. The Policy Planning Staff undertakes broad analytical studies of regional and functional issues, identifies gaps in policy, and initiates policy planning and formulation to fill these gaps.

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U.S.-Russia Relationship is Topic of Discussion for American University Students

Date: 10/08/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Kyle Scott discusses U.S.-Russia relations with students from American University. - State Dept ImageWASHINGTON, DC, October 8— In Secretary Clinton’s speech at a Town Hall Meeting at Moscow State University last October, she spoke of rebuilding the partnership between the U.S. and Russia stating that she chose to “put aside being a child of the Cold War”. She hoped to “move beyond the rhetoric and the propaganda that came from my government and yours" and move towards a “more positive future”.

AU students discussed this important relationship with Kyle Scott, Director, Office of Russian Affairs. Mr. Scott also explained how the U.S. Russia relationship relates to other important foreign policy issues. Mr. Scott noted that the United States and Russia have an important and complicated strategic relationship. Following the Cold War and, most recently, the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia, the Obama Administration has put a strong focus on rebuilding this significant relationship and resetting its boundaries.

Mr. Scott is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service who has been posted in Croatia, Russia and has spent time working with the EU. The Office of Russian Affairs works within the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs to maintain and strengthen the U.S. relationship with Russia..

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