Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
New York City
September 22, 2010

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Good afternoon everyone. I am delighted to address you, and I especially want to thank Madeleine Albright. Thank you, Madeleine, for agreeing to chair Partners for a New Beginning. And I want to thank our two vice-chairs, Walter Isaacson of the Aspen Institute and Muhtar Kent of Coca Cola. This is a wonderful group of American leaders and I thank each of you for taking part in this effort.

There’s an important role for the United States government to play in improving our relationships with Muslim communities around the world, but I think you’re here because you know government cannot and really should not try to do it alone. We have to bring together the best of America’s private sector – our corporations, foundations, universities, charities, our civil society leaders.

So I’m excited about Partners for a New Beginning. It’s a means to extend economic opportunity, education, and science and technology to Muslim communities across the world. I will look forward to hearing more about your ideas and your plans to create genuine opportunity for more people in more places.

Thank you all very much.