Susan E. Rice
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Security Council Briefing
New York City
September 15, 2010

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Ambassador Rice (May 15): "Iran is not cooperating fully with the IAEA. The UN Security Council has clearly established in its resolutions on Iran that cooperation with the IAEA is a fundamental benchmark and test of Iran's peaceful intentions, and the IAEA report is the clearest evidence yet that Iran is refusing to address our proliferation concerns, and appears determined to acquire a nuclear weapons capability.

"The 1737 committee continues to play a critical role in monitoring and improving the enforcement of Security Council resolutions on Iran. We strongly support this committee which is the principle mechanism to help states fulfil their obligations to implement the measures and to respond when states fail to enforce UN sanctions. The Committee should move quickly to implement the action items in its ambitious work program especially to respond to Iran's well documented patterns of sanctions evasions." Full Text»