Ambassador Glyn Davies
Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna, Austria
September 13, 2010

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In sum, this report is the clearest evidence yet that Iran is refusing to address the proliferation concerns of the international community, number one, and number two, much more ominously, that it appears determined to acquire a nuclear weapons capability. So what our message to all other members of the IAEA is that we should continue to work together to form up and strengthen the international consensus to present Iran with a fundamental choice and to indicate to Iran that it will pay a price, an unbearable price, if it stays on its current path.

For the first time, we believe a country has rejected inspectors based on the report that was issued by the IAEA and that is very troubling, very concerning, it is a real escalation I think in the effort by Iran to stonewall and stiff-arm the IAEA's activities.