Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy
Seoul, , South Korea
September 13, 2010

AP Soundbite of Special Representative Bosworth on New Six-Party Talks

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SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE BOSWORTH: In the meantime, this is a very important stop. We have tried to be as totally supportive of South Korea in these difficult times, and that of course will not change. And now as we try to put together a strategy for the, future it's, I think, quite natural that we start by talking to you here in Seoul.

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE BOSWORTH: One of being open to dialogue and negotiation with the North Koreans, but at the same time, maintaining the sanctions which have been put in place by the UN Security Council, and by the United States and other governments.

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE BOSWORTH: We want negotiations that produce a meaningful result, so we will be looking for indication that North Korea shares that desire and that determination, and we will continue, as I said, to consult very closely with South Korea and other partners as we move ahead.

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE BOSWORTH: We look for North Korea's attitude to be expressed through its actions, not simply through its rhetoric. So we believe that dialogue and negotiation is in the best interest of all countries concerned and that's the course we are going to continue to follow. But at the same time, we are going to continue to pursue, to implement, the sanctions that have been put in place by the international community.

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